Hello World! My journey to mastery!

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Nina Hartmann and I’m a Java developer since 2005. In my early years as a developer I wanted to write beautiful code. In this time I wasn’t quite sure what that means exactly. It should be clear, easy to understand and clearly arranged. I often thought about using a related topic for my diploma thesis but I had no idea what to write about. Far later I read about Uncle Bobs Clean Code and Software Craftsmanship and I liked the idea immediately.

Next steps?

Over the years I read more and more, regarding Software Craftsmanship, apprenticeship, etc., googled people propagating Software Craftsmanship and started to improve myself. I learned a lot. Some things are now everyday techniques and knowledge, some things are (unfortunately) already forgotten, some things I relearned several times, some things I still mix up and of course there is so much information out there I haven’t even found!

Since I started my studies, I coded in my spare time. I try to learn different programming languages, solve programming exercises and experiment with architecture styles.

And why this blog?

To persist my knowledge and to share it with you I start to write about it. My blog posts will cover topics how I make my work flow more efficient, patterns, practices and principles to make my code and the architecture cleaner and I’ll document how I try to improve myself and how I try to make the topic more visible in my team, project and/or company.

So – if you like – join and/or follow me on my personal journey to mastery.

Please feel free to contact me via Twitter or Google+.

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